Is the bull market back? How to play the elections?

Research shows that there is no firm pattern during the period between the election announcement date and the day of election results. Everyone was waiting for the election schedule....

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Sensex, SS2 and Modi. Are all three winners?

Normally, the stock market gets nervous whenever there is a war-like situation. But not this time. More stocks have advanced as compared to the declining stocks since 14th Feb...

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Why it is time to go fetch with washtubs and not teaspoons!

Every year, I wait for Buffett’s letter which he writes to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Reading his letter is always a treat. It is full of pearls of wisdom for...

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Farm distress cannot be resolved without letting farm prices rise to global benchmarks

Freeing farm prices, diverting a large part of the subsidies to productivity boosting investment and giving some subsidy as cash support will actually help farmers.  The political economy calls...

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The Best time to exit from a stock?

The biggest reason that investors desist from selling a stock is: what if the scrip goes up after I sell out? That is the biggest pain point. I am...

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Debt = Danger?

If you think D/E ratio of 1 is fine, think again! My study on Nifty 50 companies (excluding NBFCs and banks) shows that no company having debt-to-equity ratio of...

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Interim Budget or Re-Election Manifesto?

Finance Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal did a good job for his party by not only highlighting what NDA government achieved in the last four-and-half years, but also ensured that...

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Betting on the Economy? Think again.

Is the world’s fastest growing economy slowing down? This is a question bothering many experts, especially after the recent IIP numbers showed a mere 0.5 percent growth for November...

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Play the stock market like Cheteshwar Pujara

India scored its first Test series victory in Australia. The credit for this victory to a great extent goes to Cheteshwar Pujara who played like a true champion. Why...

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Will Real Estate stocks ever recover or will they go the way of Real Estate itself?

Should one Buy real estate or shares of real estate companies? Which is better option? Sometime last year, a message was circulating on social media suggesting that had someone...

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